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A Phenomenological Exploration of Binge-Watching in Early Adulthood

Riabel Sy | Rochelle Bartolome | Arlan De luna Jr. | Shainalhyn Gado | James Paul Carrozo | AngelaKate Ferrer | Amor Artiola | Wenifreda Templonuevo | Vince Adorza

Discipline: Education



Binge watching is a practice of watching multiple movies in one sitting. This study aims to discover the lived experiences of early adults in binge- watching. With the use of Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, the researchers provided interpretations and meanings out of responses given by the participants. The purpose of the study is to determine the experiences of early adulthood to binge-watching in terms of mental health, and emotions. In addition, this study also emphasizes the challenges of early adulthood in other aspects such as their physical health, social life, daily routine, sleeping patterns and academic performance in terms of binge-watching. 4th year college students in a private school in Bocaue, Bulacan ages 18-24 years old were attained through the use of purposive sampling. The participants accomplished a semi- structured interview guide consisting of a series of questions in the area of experiences and challenges of early adulthood towards bingewatching. The results that emerged from the data analysis is that early adulthood who are most likely to binge- watch are motivated by social media and peers. Early adulthood tends to feel positive emotions such as relaxation, happiness, satisfaction and empathy that results in emotional rewards caused by binge-watching.


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