HomeUIC Research Journalvol. 18 no. 1 (2012)

A Structural Modeling on Learning Organization in the Context of Organizational Commitment, Organizational Culture, and Conflict Management Style

Cesar Iv A. Adegue

Discipline: Business



Through structural equation modeling, this study aimed to develop a model of best fit for the learning organization with organizational commitment, organizational culture, and conflict management style as independent variables. Findings of the study revealed that the dominant levels of the academic institution are organizational and individual levels. Furthermore, the level of organizational commitment of the academic institution is high with affective commitment as the greatest contributory factor. Moreover, the level of organizational culture of the academic institution manifests moderately high level with criteria of success, organizational glue, organizational leadership and strategic emphases posting higher ratings while, the dominant conflict management styles are the compromising and integrating styles. Furthermore, there are significant relationships among organizational commitment, organizational culture and conflict management style when analyzed pair wise with learning organization. Correspondingly, organizational commitment and organizational culture significantly influence the learning organization but conflict management style does not. Surprisingly, through the structural equation modeling, the hypothesized models do not meet the standard criteria to fit learning organization. However, with the use of the deductive method, a model of best fit for the learning organization was established.