HomePsychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journalvol. 10 no. 3 (2023)

Openness to Experience, Neuroticism, and Resilience of College Instructors

Marjorie Alibo

Discipline: Education



This study determined the level of openness to experience, neuroticism and resilience of the instructors of Bohol Island State University. It utilized the quantitative method, involving a descriptive survey and documentary analysis. Two hundred forty- seven instructors were selected through purposive sampling. The Neo-Pi-R personality assessment, and a researcher-made questionnaire were used to measure the variables. Results revealed that instructors were average with neuroticism and openness to experience Furthermore, it showed that the instructors were highly resilient considering self-belief, optimism, purposeful direction, adaptability, ingenuity, challenge orientation, emotion regulation, and support seeking. There was a significant relationship between neuroticism and resilience. However, no significant relationship was found between openness to experience and resilience. Differences among neuroticism and openness to experience showed that most instructors fall short of being open-minded. It also showed that instructors are optimistic; but they fall short in handling their emotions well. Recommendations were proposed to address the phenomenon studied.