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Tracers Study on Hospitality Management and Tourism Management Batch 2015-2019 Graduates

Flemington Comicho | Shane Apangchan-Laurel

Discipline: Education



The alumni are known to be the best proof of a program’s success in terms of jobs and roles held. Also, a strong source of input on the importance of the program of the Hospitality and Tourism management including the two-year course program (AAHM). This research was performed to assess the employability of the HM/TM and AAHM programs’ graduates and also to collect feedback that could be used to enhance the quality of its education. The respondents are graduates of 2015-2019 and were identified using descriptive statistics. A guided questionnaire was used to gather data. Significant findings of this study indicate that 59% were employed wherein the status is subdivided into permanent, temporary, contractual, casual and job orders status in the different government and private business establishments. There are 16.2% who are self-employed and most are online entrepreneurs. It was also found out that most of the online entrepreneurs are involved in selling and baking of products which shows the same interest and a practice of the skills learned. Thus, showing that the graduates of both programs can easily find job aligned to their field of specialization as it was supported by the 59% who are employed.


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