HomeThe Trinitian Student Researchervol. 2 no. 1 (2009)

Student Nurses’ Difficulties and Adaptive Behaviors During Clinical Rotations

Dea Rose E. Gotel | Harmonette G. Hernando | Joshua John D. Gaor | Charles B. Ignacio | Ricardo B. Ignacio | Andres V G. Ilagan

Discipline: Nursing



Clinical rotations in different hospitals and health institutions are integral in honing the student nurses’ knowledge and skills. However, student nurses face difficulties as they transfer from one clinical area to another. The study is a descriptive research that aims to determine the difficulties experienced by nursing students during clinical rotations, their adaptive behaviors and the effects of these behaviors on them.


Twenty (20) student nurses were interviewed and a focus group discussion was conducted with five(5) clinical instructors. The consolidated data showed that the varied work scheme, disrupted body rhythm, diverse work relationships, negative self-perception, lack of knowledge, and changing physical setting are the main difficulties faced by student nurses during clinical rotations. 


Student nurses developed adaptive behaviors to cope with the difficulties brought about by the clinical rotations. Their adaptive behaviors can be categorized into problem-focused, cognitive-focused, and emotion-focused. The effects of the adaptive behaviors to student nurses were improved knowledge, physical and emotional preparedness, improved work relationships, and work efficacy.