HomeIAMURE International Journal of Social Sciencesvol. 3 no. 1 (2012)

Singapore Experience of the HRM and Tourism Students of Lyceum of the Philippines University in the Context of Cross Cultural Orientation Initiatives

Sevilla S. Felicen | Mark Irvin C. Celis

Discipline: Social Science



This study aimed to determine the “Cross-Cultural Awareness of HRM and Tourism students in Singapore”.  Specifically, level of cross-cultural orientation of the SIAP participants in terms of customs and tradition, language and tourism and hospitality industry practices; the significant relationship between the profile of the respondents and their level of cross-cultural orientation and programs that may be implemented to increase the level of cross-cultural orientation among future SIAP participants. This study also aimed to determine the experiences and challenges met by the HRM and Tourism student in Singapore because this will be helpful for the college in developing various programs and interventions for the students’ preparation in the program. The descriptive method of research was used in the study. Instruments like questionnaire and interview were further utilized in gathering the primary data. The data gathered were statistically treated using the percentage, weighted mean and the eta-squared. The result revealed that most of the respondents have equal chances of being placed in a Student Internship Abroad Program (SIAP) exposure regardless of the selected profile variables. They have an adequate level of cross cultural awareness to the customs and traditions, values and languages and tourism hospitality practices.