HomeThe Trinitian Student Researchervol. 4 no. 1 (2012)

Lived Experiences of CBA Management Graduates in Applying for a Job

Elijohn De Guzman | Yzelle Paroginog | Jeffrey Mangoda | Sandino Lacsamana | Yang Yadong | Cong Lyn Zhang

Discipline: Business



This is a phenomenological study on the experiences of five management graduates while applying for a job.


The following themes emerged from the reflection of their stories: (1) applicants of good academic standing can easily land a job, (2) computer literacy is an asset, (3) applicants who know people who hold high positions in a company have an advantage, (4) applicants should be knowledgeable in Basic Accounting, (6) applicants should be articulate in English, (7) experience is an advantage factor, and (9) applicants must possess the following values- patience, honesty, self confidence, and perseverance.