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Discipline: business and management



This paper analyzes how businesses can use the data effectively using market trend analysis. To effectively visualize the data, the researchers used various statistical treatments. Researchers used data visualization to get insights from the acquired data. The significant difference in sales between kids, teenagers, and adults, as well as male, female, and unisex variables, was assessed using a one-way ANOVA. The Independent T-test was then used to determine which factors had a significant difference. Afterward, two-way ANOVA was used to analyze the connection between Category and Age Group as well as Category and Gender Group. Then, simple linear regression was used to display the market trends of the two ready-to-wear stores. The findings demonstrated the relationship between all factors and identified significant differences. Furthermore, the researchers were able to forecast each item's sales trend. All of the items have a positive association with sales, indicating that a large portion of the volatility in each measure can be explained by changes in sales. The researchers recommended the businessmen to focus on advertising their items under the Age Category and the Gender Category. For them to have a delivery system as it makes more accessible for consumers to buy their products. Furthermore, future researchers may utilize various forms of analytics in order to have a better visualization of data and a wider range of visualization as they may develop a more accurate study and discover new insights that may assist in its completion. To broaden the scope of research and use larger sets of data and expand the findings and identify further factors that affects the sales of RTW stores.


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