HomeDangal Research Journalvol. 4 no. 1 (2023)

Needs Assessment of All Barangays in the City of Cabuyao: Basis for the Development of Community Extension Services Programs and Projects

Laika S Betuin | Isabelita N Isip | Marion April P Almoro

Discipline: Developmental Studies



This paper aimed to identify the needs of all barangays in Cabuyao City through a needs assessment, with the goal of developing community extension services, programs, and projects to enhance the current situation. Utilizing a descriptive research design, both qualitative and quantitative methods were employed, involving selected o?cials and personnel from each barangay. A validated survey questionnaire and a focus group discussion guide based on the Seven-Extension Agenda were utilized, employing a Six-Point Likert scale. Statistical treatments such as frequency counts, means, and percentages were applied to the obtained data. The results revealed priority requirements in quality education,gender and well-being, entrepreneurship, sustainable livelihood,industry, energy, emerging technology, food safety and security, high governance, and biodiversity and environment conservation. Barangay Baclaran emerged as the leading barangay, emphasizing the need for attention across all seven extension agenda areas. Recommendations include regular webinars, seminars, and workshops focused on enhancing teachers’ ICT skills, addressing their speci?c needs and empowering educators to e?ectively integrate technology into instructional practices.


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