HomeJPAIR Multidisciplinary Research Journalvol. 54 no. 4 (2023)

Compliance with Health Care Quality Standards in Government Accredited Hospitals in the Province of Albay

Ryan S. Altavano | Jeymar B. Betiz

Discipline: health studies



Global health systems operate within ever-evolving local and global environments, influenced by various factors, including economic shifts, demographic dynamics, and technological advancements, among other variables. A study was conducted to determine the Health Care Quality Standards among the government-accredited hospitals in the province of Albay. Specifically, it identified the status of Health Care Quality Standards in the Province of Albay along with Policies and Procedures, Services, Human Resources, Budget, and Logistical Resources. It determines the Health Care Quality Standards among the government-accredited hospitals in the province of Albay regarding Patient Care Management, Human Resource Management, Information Management, and Safe Practice and Environment. The quantitative method was used to gather responses from respondents. The respondents of the study are personnel from the top and middle management and selected patients in the three hospitals. Hence, the study revealed that the Health Care Quality Standards among the government-accredited hospitals in the province of Albay are complied with based on the requirements set forth by the hospitals among the four components. Thus, it ensures that health services are responsive to the needs of targeted individuals and communities and encourages the role of communities as co-producers of health. The study recommends a sustainable healthcare management framework to strengthen and sustain comprehensive healthcare services, thus improving the community’s quality of life.


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