HomePsychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journalvol. 16 no. 7 (2023)

ABCD Approach: A Ladderized Intervention Program in Developing the Phonemic Awareness of Lily’s Non-Decoders

Jane Love Velila

Discipline: Education Administration



The purpose of this study was to demonstrate that the ABCD Approach: Addressing the Basic Core of Developmental Reading could assist the six identified non-decoders of Grade III - Lily at Asinan Elementary School in developing their phonemic awareness for the school year 2022 - 2023. The ABCD Approach employs board ladder game as intervention material. It is a six week intervention program with five-level intervention strategy which consists of: Letter Ladder, Syllabic Ladder, CVC Ladder, Long Vowel Ladder, and Blended Ladder, with Blended Ladder serving as the game's final level. To validate the results of this study, the researcher used the pre-test and post-test results in the EGRA toolbox, which were shown in a table, as well as the researcher's interview and observation. This study's findings revealed a significant increase in developing phonemic awareness among the six non-decoders. The participants have advanced from the emerging to the independent level. This study highlights the importance of gamebased interventions by emphasizing their capacity to enhance retention, involvement, and interpersonal relationships.


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