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Level of Compliance on Rules and Regulations in Community Immersion of BSN III students of Arellano University, Manila Student’s Research Output

Reyziel Z. Sopot | Eissette P. Ragay | Dean Arhistotle C. Ramos | Rochelle Ann B. Reyes | Eugene B. Salvador | Jaelyn Elna R. San Diego | Vanessa V. Villa | Marla Gayle C. Zamodio | Jonnalyn P. Zulueta | Armel B. Gonzalez

Discipline: Nursing



Introduction According to the World Health Organization, Community Health Nursing is a special field of nursing, public health and some phases of social assistance and functions as part of the total public health program for the promotion of health, the improvement of conditions in the social and physical environment rehabilitation. The goal is to provide a better life based on the philosophy “worth and dignity of man” as implied by Dr. Margaret Shetland.