HomeIAMURE International Journal of Social Sciencesvol. 12 no. 1 (2014)

Performance in History and Problems Encountered of the CTE Students in the University of Northern Philippines

Luzviminda Padios-relon

Discipline: Education, Cognitive Learning



Education plays a very significant role in molding individuals that will become assets of the society. The various subjects offered in the schools are contributory for their holistic development. Thus, in any case, it may be reflected through poor performance. This study aimed to find out the level of performance in History and problems they have encountered in learning of the BSEd students of UNP especially on cognitive and affective skills along political, socioeconomic and cultural components. It was anchored on Ausubel’s Cognitive theory and Schema theory. Descriptive design was employed, and data were gathered through a teacher-made test and interview guide. The results revealed that the performance of the students along the three components is satisfactory. It was disclosed that they poorly perform on socioeconomic component and along knowledge and comprehension. Further, problems met along instruction like poor teaching methods, inefficient and ineffective teachers are primary reasons as to why they poorly performed in History. Based on the findings, students in History would tend to perform well if topics included in the test are well discussed, and teaching is well-planned, thus making it interesting. It is then recommended that History instruction and test construction should be carefully planned leading to the development of higher level thinking skills.