HomeIAMURE International Journal of Social Sciencesvol. 12 no. 1 (2014)

Mass Media Exposure and Reading Proficiency of Students in Diploma in Agricultural Technology

May Nectar Cyrill L. Tabares

Discipline: Education, Media



The study aimed to determine the level of exposure to mass media of the students in Diploma in Agricultural Technology of the Surallah National Agricultural School and its relation to their reading proficiency. It employed mean values to determine the respondents’ level of exposure to mass media and their level of reading proficiency. Pearson-product moment coefficient of correlation was utilized to determine the relationship between their level of exposure to mass media and their reading proficiency. The findings revealed that the students had inadequate or low exposure to mass media on the basis of interest, availability of materials, time spent for their choices and benefits they would receive. However, the level of reading proficiency of DAT students in the vocabulary and comprehension skills was very high with a qualitative description of very good. The level of exposure of the students to both print and electronics/films media was moderately related to read proficiency as reflected by r=0.452. A significant relationship was divulged between the level of mass media exposure and the reading proficiency of the students. Hence, exposure to the different mass media must be enhanced to further develop the students in their intellectual capacities, especially in their reading proficiency skills.