HomeIAMURE International Journal of Social Sciencesvol. 13 no. 1 (2015)

Teachers’ and Parents’ Perceptions and Involvement in the Parents-Teachers Associations (PTAs) for Students’ Academic and Social Development

Marife D. Balaba | Juana M De la Rama

Discipline: Education



Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a voluntary association of parents and teachers in a particular school established for its students’ development. This study aims to focus only on the perceptions of the teachers and parents and their involvement in the Parents- Teachers Associations (PTAs) for the students’ development specifically the academic and social aspect. The quantitative research design was employed to reveal the parents and teachers’ perceptions of the roles, relationship of teachers and parents and involvement of the PTAs with specific reference to parental involvement in the school activities which may develop the students’ academic and social aspects. The participants composed of 574 parents, 820 students and 266 teachers of public secondary schools in the division of Misamis Oriental. The inferential statistics was utilized to analyze primary and secondary data. Findings revealed that the Parent Teacher Association was functional in the Division of Misamis Oriental. It has been said that the children whose parents are convoluted in their education have an above degree of academic performance than children whose parents are convoluted to a lesser degree. It also showed that the students’ social and emotional well-being, only teacher relationship with parents, and their role in their students’ development have a significant relationship with it.

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