HomeIAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 3 no. 1 (2012)

Tourism Industry of Batangas Province, Philippines: Basis for Improved Tourism Program

Angelie Marie L. Vizconde | Sevilla S. Felicen

Discipline: Tourism



The goal of this research is to help improve the tourism program of Batangas Province and evaluate competitiveness of the tourism sector companies by helping them on their environmental performance and engage them in community action. The LPU’s College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (CITHM) being the most awarded hospitality school in the country today aims to produce globally competitive graduates who will be able to contribute to the expansion, enrichment and preservation of the tradition and culture of the Batangueños. This research was conceptualized to help develop the tourism industry in the province of Batangas. This study used the descriptive research design and respondents were different local and foreign tourists who visited destinations in the province of Batangas from January -December, 2008. A self- made questionnaire was used as the basic tool of investigation and interview was also done. Results revealed that the most frequently visited attraction are beach resorts for it is a venue for diving and aqua sports activity. Majority of the local and foreign tourists who visited Batangas are male. Batangas is visited due to the affordability of the tourist attractions and destinations including the amenities offered. Either local or foreign tourists were satisfied and enjoyed visiting beaches due to the warm accommodation of the Filipino staff and personnel.