HomeIAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 4 no. 1 (2013)

Attention as a Learning Motivation Strategy: Basis for a Proposed Compendium of Strategies

Mary Jane S. Sabroso | Warlita S. Mina



Interests and motivation are the desired learner characteristics which are the important determinants of learning. This study focused on the preferred learning motivation strategy of Grade Six students as basis for curriculum enhancement. A descriptive method was used to determine the causes of poor performance of students in the National Achievement Test (NAT) for the sixth graders conducted by the Department of Education-National Educational Testing and Research Center or NETRC and the learning motivation of students. The study revealed that some of the causes for the poor performance of students were due to lack of motivation because of the unstable peace and order situation, poverty, inadequate teacher- pupil ratio and the limited learning resources in some public schools. A study in the local community that aims to find solution on how to elevate the attention of the students as a learning motivation strategy through active participation, variability, humor, incongruity and conflict, specific example and inquiry is highly recommended. The researcher was hopeful that the findings of this study will give teachers and administrators better ideas to come up with an enhancement program to elevate the learning motivation of the students.