HomeIDEYA: Journal of Humanitiesvol. 2 no. 2 (2001)

Enhanced Television Broadcasting: Content in the Idiot Box

Collis H. Davis Jr.

Discipline: Literature, Humanities



Multimedia has come to symbolize the great convergence of formerly separate time-based analogue media such as the moving pictures of film, video and audio, and the static media of graphics, photography and typography into one singular digital environment. This convergence has created both havoc and opportunities for the media industry and educational institutions alike; because both have been heavily invested in the hardware and "humanware" of the analogue age, they were eager to jettison these aging liabilities and replace them with desktop multimedia computers at considerable savings. For industry, this has created an explosion of small businesses that could now afford the tools, which were once out of reach, to create media at such a high level of sophistication that the major firms had to start cutting their prices or

go out of business.