HomeIAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 8 no. 1 (2014)

Entrepreneurial Competencies of the Small and Medium Enterprise Business Operators of Ozamiz City Public Mall Philippines: Basis for Community Extension Programs

Julieta Remedios Betonio

Discipline: Economics, Business



The new Ozamiz City Public Mall, Philippines has several entrepreneurs who sell products thus generate income from it. While some of the store owners luckily make profit, a number of them fail to manage their business venture. It is in this premise that the researcher is pushed to study why these entrepreneurs were not as successful as the others. Specifically, this paper aimed to determine the entrepreneurial competencies of the SME operators of Ozamiz City Public mall, Philippines. This study was limited only to 100 College level SME operators. The entrepreneurial competencies were measured in terms of Time Management skills, Marketing Management skills, Technical skills and Financial Management skills. This study used the descriptive research method in determining the entrepreneurial competencies of the SME business operators and gathered data through a standardized questionnaire. The findings revealed that out of fourteen areas of the SME operators of Ozamiz Public Mall, Philippines, nine areas were found to have high competencies in terms of Time Management skills, Financial Management skills, Marketing Management skills and Technical skills. On the other hand, six out of fourteen were found to have Moderate competencies only. Therefore, these individuals will be the recipients of the extension program designed by the researcher so that they will be able to have a competitive edge over the other SME operators.