HomeIAMURE International Journal of Mathematics, Engineering and Technologyvol. 2 no. 1 (2012)

Motor–Operated Sand Sifter

Juanito M. Origines Jr. | Anacleta K. Perez | Dario Gawala

Discipline: Engineering



The study developed a motor operated-sand sifter. It described the main features of the equipment in the aspect of preparation, design, materials and cost, procedure of assembly and operation and parts and functions of the equipment. An experimental research method was used employing actual assembly and direct observation of the performance of the equipment. The study was conducted in Bohol Island State University, Selected mechanical engineering students did the actual testing with the supervision of the researchers. The results were based on actual observation and data gathered during the experiment. The 5o angle of inclination of the rocker in 200mm displacement sifted the biggest volume of sand. It measured 2.78 m3/hr. The kind of sand sifted was 87.30% passing by volume through the sifter. The fine aggregates comprise 87.30% of the total mixture while the bigger sizes comprise 12.70% of the total mixture. The bigger sizes of sand that remained in the sifter are removed automatically passing through the sifter opening. It was concluded that motor- operated sand sifter was very efficient in sand sifting as compared to manually operated sand sifter. It is very applicable in construction industry.