HomeIAMURE International Journal of Mathematics, Engineering and Technologyvol. 3 no. 1 (2012)

[ENGINEERING]Development of an Automotive Charging System Trainer with Safety Device

Nicanor B. Balbin

Discipline: Engineering



This utility model relates in general to instructional devices, but more particularly relates to an automotive charging system with safety device for instructional use that simulates the wiring connections and troubleshooting the system. Charging system plays a vital role in the automotive electricity. Although most of the automotive technology students have familiarized the wiring diagram, they found difficulties in installing or connecting the actual wiring circuits; often times resulted to damages in charging system components. Cognizant to this, charging system trainer with safety device was developed through the R & D Process to enhance the knowledge and skills of automotive technology students on troubleshooting and installing the charging system. This device provides safety feature for the whole system and the user with the use of inline fuse in the different electrical wire. This device likewise achieved zero air pollution through the use of electric motor instead of petrol engine. It offer technical advantages such as facilitate T-L process and improve the quality of output, provide troubleshooting activities on defective alternator, defective voltage regulator, run-down battery, faulty wiring connection, open and short circuit and belt tension. It also provides economic advantages like eliminates an expensive petrol engine that basically drives the alternator, electrical consumptions is obviously lesser than gasoline. High-cost components are protected by a safety device for possible damages due to faulty connection.

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