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Modified Stove Burner for Biogas

Manuel A. Bajet Jr. | Crizzle A. Bajet-paz | Joussie Bajet Bermio | Nelson A. Bajet | Junel Bryan Bajet

Discipline: Biotechnology



The study focused on modifying a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) stove burner to suit for Biogas fuel. Further, it intends to package Biogas technology such that it will be utilized at house hold level. This is to offer an alternative fuel source to various users of LPG which is very expenses nowadays. Also, this is in response to the problem raised by the farmer’s Biogas producer that only a part of the cooking burner can burn and release heat and most of the released heat consumed by heating the surplus methane. Biogas producers used (LPG) burner however, LPG is different from Biogas composition, and when burners designed for LPG gas will be used, poor flame produced. Also, the technology’s goal is to showcase Biogas stove burner with good combustion in the atmospheric form utilizing hog waste. The technology utilized LPG cooking burner (two burners) which was modified to fit Biogas burner in atmospheric form. The modification is composed of four parts, nuzzle, air regulation parts, injector and head as similar to a LPG cooking burner, but differ in gadgets. Five trials were done to test the performance of the burner particularly on the length of the flame, color and the pressure. The modified LPG Stove Burner produced blue flame in three layers. No flu gas is coming out from the burner thus fire health and environment hazards minimize.

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