HomeIAMURE International Journal of Science and Clinical Laboratoryvol. 7 no. 1 (2015)

Platelet-increasing Activity of Native Durian (Durio zibenthus) Fresh Hull and Hull Extract on Azathioprine-induced Rabbits

Queen Jane Bacon | Mary Jane G. Barluado | Jay Condino | Candes Antonette Degala | Brenz Jagonia | Cheyenne Maureen Guinea | Ghia Patricia Plaza

Discipline: Science



Diseases associated with low platelet count such as dengue fever have continued to threat many lives, and severe hemorrhagic stages are expensive to manage as they require blood and platelet transfusion. This study bore out of the hearsay that eating durian increases platelet count. It investigated the platelet increasing activity of fresh native durian hull and hull extract on azathioprine - induced rabbits. Twelve rabbits were grouped into four and orally fed by gavage with different amounts or concentrations of fresh durian or extract, against the negative control group which received only distilled water at the time of testing. Experiment results show that the approximate effective amount of fresh durian hull is 10 – 20 grams, while the approximate effective dose of hull extract is 1200 mg/kg in increasing the platelet count of azathioprine - induced rabbits. However, paired t - test and ANOVA of the data showed no significant difference between the platelet counts of the rabbits treated with different amounts or concentrations of fresh native durian hull and hull extract with those that received distilled water as negative control. Thus, durian hull does not have a significant increasing activity in platelet counts of the azathioprine - induced rabbits.