HomeIAMURE International Journal of Health Educationvol. 2 no. 1 (2012)

The Students’ and Households’ Practices in the Implementation of Clean, Healthy, Safe, and Friendly (CHSF) Environment in Kalinga Apayao, Philippines

Loneza Carbonel | Paul Reyes | James S. Guidangen

Discipline: Health



Every citizen is empowered to practice good environmental behaviors. This descriptive study determined how students and households practice clean, healthy, safe, and friendly (CHSF) environment in Kalinga. A survey questionnaire was used to gather data on the extent of the students’ CHSF practice. It included 250 sample respondents and 250 households. The mean was used to describe the extent of CHSF practice by the students while the t-test was used to determine the significant difference of the CHSF practice between the students and households in Kalinga. It was found that the students “seldom practiced” the guidelines in the CHSF program. However, there were guidelines in which the students have revealed that they “frequently practiced”. It was also found out that there were no significant differences on the extent of practices with regards to the assessment made between the students and households along the four components of the CHSF program. The CHSF program can be strengthened as a project of the student leaders through the initiative of the College and the local officials.