HomeIAMURE International Journal of Health Educationvol. 3 no. 1 (2013)

Optimizing Interior Circulation Concept for Effectiveness of Dentistry Student

Etika Vidyarini | Andriyanto Wibisono

Discipline: Dentistry



Pre-clinic academic step is an important phase where dentistry students learn to handle patients for the first time. Some people are often afraid to visit a professional dentist. This is worsened when they have to be handled by dentistry students. This need is related to patient’s psychology that leads us to develop Interior circulation as the main concept to optimize the effectiveness of dentistry students. The research aims to decrease problems that dentistry students usually have and create an interior circulation concept without overriding the patient’s psychology presented in a virtual design planning. Research has been done with qualitative methods. The researchers observed the teaching or learning and practical activity of dentistry students at one of dentistry teaching hospitals in Bandung, Indonesia. The researchers interviewed dentistry students and patients and also observed (as participant-observers) the students’ effectiveness directly. The researchers found several problems that generated an unhealthy environment such as incompatible room layout for user’s workflow, dentistry students’ difficulties to perform personal handling, and ignored patient’s psychology. The effectiveness of dentistry students is highly affected by circulation factor. The result is a virtual design planning that applied a concept of interior circulation. The study recommends rearranging room layout based on users` workflow and facilitating students’ learning process without interfering patient’s needs.