HomeIAMURE International Journal of Health Educationvol. 3 no. 1 (2013)

Měranao Adolescent Students with Weight Problems: Their Eating Habits and Nutritional Intake

Mary Ann Faller Daclan

Discipline: Child Development, Public Health



Normal body weight is important for longevity among adolescents. This is usually the function of eating habits, nutrition and genetics. This study aimed to 1) determine the existence of weight problems among high school student adolescents in the province of Lanao del Sur; 2) describe the eating habits and nutritional intake of this age group in the context of MÄ›ranao culture; and, 3) find out possible correlates of the weight problems. A survey of a representative sample of 148 MÄ›ranao high school students with weight problems aged 12-19 years old in the different high schools in Lanao del Sur was conducted, which inquired about their eating habits and nutritional intake and basic demographics. Calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI) was based on students’ health record of height and weight from the School Clinic. Based on Body Mass Index (BMI), almost 80% of respondents with weight problems were overweight while the 20% were underweight. Eating habits and nutritional intake were poor to moderate. Age and estimated monthly family income were significantly correlated with weight problems. MÄ›ranao adolescent students’ weight problems were more on being overweight than underweight; their poor eating habits and deficient nutritional intake contributed to their weight problems. Hence, mothers’ role in their children’s nutrition should be given emphasis.