HomeIAMURE International Journal of Health Educationvol. 3 no. 1 (2013)

Exercise as Lifestyle Factor of Hypertension Incidence in Elderly at Tanjungsari Village, Sidoarjo-Indonesia

Chandra Sugiharto | Agustina Intan | Azis Fadhly | Addini Hevy | * Elvinawaty

Discipline: Health



Hypertension is related to internal and external factors such as age, heredity, gender, obesity, and some lifestyles. People in villages have hypertension and trending to raise up in incidence. The objective was to analyze the related lifestyle factors of hypertension incidence in elderly. This research was an observational crosssectional study conducted at Tanjungsari Village, Sidoarjo-Indonesia in June 2012. There were 18 respondents of 102 hypertension patients of 417 elderly observed. The variables observed were age, gender, obesity, smoking habit, and exercise. The results showed that the respondents’ age were 45-59 years old to 66.67%; mostly female (55.56%); and had less exercise (66.67%). All male respondents (of hypertension) were smokers. Exercise was the related lifestyle factor of hypertension in this study. Efforts for preventing the incidence of hypertension should be focused on increasing exercise. It must be a concern of a healthy lifestyle for creating and developing some exercises that affect the metabolism of the body cell for better health.