HomeIAMURE International Journal of Literature, Philosophy and Religionvol. 5 no. 1 (2014)

Communication and Paolo Freire’s Liberation in Education

Mario C. Mapote

Discipline: Education, Society, Communications



Reception and transmission process of the mind is reflected in communication which depends on an object, medium or symbol something man is familiar with so that he can interpret, understand and comprehend it. Language is the most common form of human symbol man makes use of in communication. Freire presented two ways of communication. The study aimed to intertwine communication, education and society as a system and criticize it. The study made use of historical pedagogy. Epistemological method was also intertwined with communication. He believed that system of society influenced system of education as reflected by the kind of communication used. He believed that only through promotion of dialogue in the communicative process that genuine knowledge can be attained. Today, however, modern societies have revolutionized the role of education sector especially universities towards the society in terms of economics. Global and multinational companies tap researchers and inventors from universities for research and development which could boost technology, production, marketing and profit – in short economy. Thus, the study implied care for the use of symbols and language in education; freedom and liberation in education should be savored and maximized; education must be a catalyst for societal change and development.