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English Plain and Simple: No Nonsense Ways to Learn Today’s Global Language. The Manila Times Publishing Corporation First Published in 2003:Philippines.

Jose A. Carillo | Rommel B. De La Cruz



With the century-old love affair of Filipinos with English, textbooks and books on English grammar, learning to read and write in English, and English literature have raked millions and millions of pesos of profits, creating a cottage industry supported by a horde of reading consumers. This industry has buoyed from illiteracy and ignorance generations of Filipinos that rise and ebb through time and fate. Not a many of these books are worth those profits in a sense whether they have raised the English competence of the Filipinos. Perhaps they have produced Filipinos who can speak, read, and write in English. This English literacy, though it may also have evolved a dialect known as Filipino English, has produced millions of literates, many of whom speak and write unclear and fractured English.