HomeIAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservationvol. 6 no. 1 (2013)

Diversity and Local Status of Earthworms in the Mossy and Montane Forests of Mt. Hilong-hilong Range, Agusan del Norte, Philippines

Alma B. Mohagan | Mary Alona L. Murro | Jayson C. Ibanez

Discipline: Biology, Zoology, Natural Sciences



Earthworms play an important role in the ecosystem as keystone taxa on soil formation. They loosen and aerate the soil as they tunnel the ground affecting the hydrology cycle. Earthworms in their natural habitats improve soil structure, fertility, and the rate that organic matter gets broken down. Yet, they are less known in the Philippines. Here, inventory of earthworms in the mossy and montane forests of Mt. Hilong-hilong, Diwata Range, Agusan del Norte was conducted in 15 days to provide information on species composition and richness using digging, hand sorting and counting methods. Twenty six species were identified and six were undetermined. Twenty species were disconcordant in the mossy and 17 species in the montane forest. Species diversity was higher in the mossy forest H’ = 2.788 compared with montane forest H’ = 2.674. Similarity of species composition showed low Si=25.33% between the mossy and montane forests which implies that mossy and montane forests are two unique habitats for earthworms in Mt. Hilong-hilong. It is recommended that cast formation and biology of these earthworms be studied as future source of vermicast organic fertilizer production rather than using exotic stocks.