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Theorizing the Filipino Historical Fiction Film

Joyce L. Arriola

Discipline: History



This paper analyzes the link of the film to the novel. At the center of this intersection between the novel and the film is the question of how historical materials are sifted, adapted or interpreted by both modes of fiction. Ever since the rise of Western realistic fiction in the 19th century, the novel has been established too as the art form for conveying social realism. The historical fiction, a variant of the novel which has close affinity to realistic fiction, possesses a potential of being both a reflection of its times and a fertile site for allegory as well. But the “historical film” is a different matter altogether, more specifically its Filipino application. Because of a scarcity of literature showing stronger links between the Filipino novel and the Filipino film, it is difficult to engage a generic analysis of the historical film in the Philippines. Where there is a scarcity of literature pertaining to the nature, characteristics and social function of fiction film in the country, to focus an inquirer’s lens on the historical genre becomes all the more a challenge. The historical film, it is assumed, is more of a filmmaker’s aspiration rather than a traditionally and widely practiced genre in the Philippines.

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emerald m dulay
2 weeks ago

Good evening Ms. Joyce. I was your student in PLM circa early 90s. It is good to see you again. Congratulations for a very successful career in the field of writing research and the academe. I am so happy for you. Emerald Mino