HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 2 no. 1 (2012)

Teachers and Students’ Preferred Method of Evaluation: An Action Research in Anatomy and Physiology

Bernardo C. Lunar



The proponent, through this study, made a follow-up on the recommendation from the action paper entitled “An Analysis of Two Methods of Instruction in Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Classes” (Lunar, et.al, 2008). It was found out that there was no significant difference in the achievement of students when they were evaluated using the computer-aided examination and move-system examination. This study ascertains the preferred method of evaluation of achievement in Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Class, with the teachers and students as respondents of the study. After the data were gathered and interpreted, the following conclusions are drawn. Computer- aided practical examination is more preferred by both teachers and students. It is because students find it less stressful than the move- system since they are not exposed to actual specimens and they need not go from one station to another. The teachers preferred it for ease of preparation and administration. However, the move- system type of test is preferred by some students for the reason that students perceived that physical setting is more controlled in this type of evaluation and they prefer to see actual specimens rather than to see them in slides of power-point presentation.