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Adherence to the Use of ICT for Classroom Instruction: Its Impact on Students’ Learning

Rizalina G. Gomez



This study investigated the teachers’ adherence to the use of ICT for classroom instruction and its impact on the students’ learning. One hundred twenty-five (125) student teachers from the College of Education accomplished the questionnaires. Student teachers were found to have strong adherence to the use of ICT in teaching. This analysis elucidated teacher educators’ access to ICT, their intensity of use, their training skills, and their confidence in using ICT. Pedagogical practices included the use of web-enhanced learning activities and a combination of Web 2.0 tools in teaching. Exploratory multiple regression analysis addressed the importance of these different factors at the level of the educator in the use of ICT in teaching practice. Results showed students’ academic performance generally improved with increased teachers’ training skills. The intensive use of ICT as a tool in teaching had posed a significant impact on the students’ learning. It was therefore recommended for teacher educators to sustain the use of ICT as an effective strategy and continue to access the skills-based approach in the integration of ICT in education. 

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5 months ago

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