HomeThe Manila Journal of Sciencevol. 5 no. 1 (2002)

Air Borne Lead Contamination of Trees in Metro Manila-A Study of Environmental Hazards Related to Leaded Fuels

Josefina De Jesus | Markus Woitke | Astrid Boots | Elena Ragragio

Discipline: Education, Science



The environmental hazards originating from the use of leaded fuel in Metro Manila were analyzed indirectly by investigating the Ph content and contamination of leaves of trees exposed to heavy traffic along Taft Avenue in comparison with three sites with less or no traffic in the countryside. Both the internal Pb content and the external Pb load of plants were measured. Internal Pb content of samples along Taft Avenue and the countrvside yielded an average of 6.5 mg and 0.6 mg Ph per kg dry weight respectively while that of external Pb load were 18.9 mg and 2. 74 mg Pb per kg dry weight respectively. These values from the two sampling areas were significantly different. The impact of Pb pollution was discussed in terms of phytotoxicity of Pb to plants and possible effects on the food chain and consequently on human health.