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Venerable Hermandad del Santo Cristo de Longos: 308 Years of Labor of Love, Work of Faith and Steadfastness of Hope

Wilson Sevilla Chua

Discipline: Philippine History



The Venerable Hermandad del Santo Cristo de Longos is deemed to be the oldest existing organization in Binondo. In the year 2012, the Hermandad celebrated 308 years of indomitable faith and unwavering devotion to the service of the church and its parishioners. The research study is a preliminary effort in outlining the abounding history, enriching traditions and deepening spirituality of the Hermandad for the present members/generations to know, understand, and finally appreciate the unique characteristics and contributions of the organization to the enhancement of the ecclesiastical history of Manila. Moreover, it calls attention to significant personalities, locations and events in the past that purposively shaped the present historico-cultural-religious conditions of the members and devotees. It is worth noting that multidisciplinal, interdisciplinal and cross-disciplinal approaches are utilized in the study in order to gain productive insights from archival sources.