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Yvette Montalvan Aguado

Discipline: Literature



Women are the best writers in the Philippines. In 1957, when the judges for the Palanca Awards submitted their individual choices of the three best stories, it was found that all three lists were completely different in one respect: each list contained a story - a different story in each list - by Mrs. Gilda Cordero-Fernando. In the end, two of her stories were dropped and one ("Sunburn ") served to dramatize the fact that a young woman writer had become the outstanding storyteller of that year. (Bernad 1961:82)


Gilda Cordero-Fernando finished her A.B. and B.S.E. degrees at Saint Theresa's College. She then earned an M.A. major in English Literature at Ateneo de Manila. Cordero-Fernando spent some years teaching in high school and has also worked for radio (Polotan 1977:514-515).