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Performance Appraisal of Arellano University College of Nursing Faculty Based on the Core Competencies of Nurse Educators

Marlene R. Padua | Ester S. Climaco

Discipline: Nursing



The investigation appraises the performance of the AUCN (Legarda) Faculty School Year 2008-2009 based on a Core Competency Model for Nurse Educators. The research used the descriptive correlation design. The Nurse Educators Competencies Checklist developed by the Southern Regional Education Board on Collegiate Education for Nursing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA served as the performance appraisal tool. Permission to use the checklist was approved by the Council in May 27, 2008. The study included 61 regular full-time academic and clinical instructors, 18 senior nurses of the nursing academic council and 160 Level IV students. The statistical tests applied were frequency count, percentage, weighted mean, standard deviation, Chi-square and ANOVA. The findings show that the performance of the Nurse Educators was very satisfactory in all the three roles: teacher role, collaborative role, and scholar role.