HomeLIKHAvol. 16 no. 2 (1996)

Dalawang Dula Ni Clarissa Sa Ecolohiya: Ecology As Literature As Counterideological Discourse

Paz Verdades M. Santos

Discipline: Literature



In the book Science and Literature, Matthew Arnold warns against a fictional educator who is likely to say "he who in his training has substituted literature and history for natural science has chosen the less useful alternative" (Cadden and Browstown 1964:23).


One Bikol woman writer who is also a biology professor has sacrificed neither field of study for the other as "less useful." In fact, she has packaged many of her science lessons in the literary genre of drama. This playwright is Clarissa Guadalupe a.k.a. Emelina Gagalac Regis, 1992 Palanca awardee for "Dalawang Mukha ng Kagubatan," one of two plays in Dalawang Dula ni Clarissa sa Ecolohiya (1993).