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Science and Scientists as Viewed by Freshmen Education Students of Arellano University

Eduardo M. Lorico

Discipline: General Science



The study investigated freshmen education students’ perceptions regarding science and scientists. Participants include 41 freshmen students (12 male, 29 female) who were administered the Draw-A-Scientist-Test (Chambers, 1983). Each participant was asked to draw a scientist doing science and describe what the scientist was doing through captions, statements, and free writing. Results revealed some commonalities in the stereotypic perceptions regarding scientists. The findings generally showed that scientists are male, Filipinos, elderly to middle-aged, working in a laboratory alone. Stereotypic images include scientists are having glasses, facial hair and/or crazy hair, and wearing lab coats. A scientist is pictured as devoted to humankind’s wellbeing. They are pictured as busy working with their frantic intellectual creativity that they overlook their appearance. Conclusions from this research and implications for science study and teaching curricula are discussed.