HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 13 no. 1 (2015)

Exploring the Link between Teachers’ Complementary Teaching Attributes and Students’ Academic Performance

Vicky P. Vital | Rose Lynn D. Villanueva | Ma. Carla M. Mañago | Robin B. Dimla

Discipline: Education



Teachers’ pedagogical attributes have affected learning achievement and performance. This study examined the relationship between teachers’ complementary teaching attributes i.e. teaching styles and multiple bits of intelligence and the academic performance of the students leading to a basis for a purposive integration of pedagogical innovation in teacher education curriculum. The descriptive- correlational type of research was utilized in this study. The universal sampling technique was employed for the student- respondents while simple random sampling was used in the selection of the teacher-respondents. Data were gathered through the use of standardized questionnaires. The academic performance was determined by looking at the students’ term gradepoint average. Based on the result, four (4) of the teaching styles significantly correlate with the academic performance of the students namely expert, formal authority, facilitator, and delegator. However, a negative correlation was noted between the academic performance and three of the teaching styles, i.e., expert, formal authority, and delegator. All of the multiple intelligence significantly correlates with students’ academic performance. Those above further suggest the appropriate inclusion of teaching styles in pedagogical platform integrating teachers multiple bits of intelligence to achieve an effective educational process.