HomeThe Magusvol. 4 no. 1 (2012)

Isolation and Determination of the Bioremediation Potential of Bunker Sludge Degrading Bacteria from Manila Bay

Eduardo M. Lorico

Discipline: Biochemistry



Bunker sludge degrading microorganisms were isolated using enrichment culture technique from the polluted waters of Manila Bay. Water samples were inoculated using liquid mineral media (LAM). Isolates were tentatively identified as Xanthomonas sp., Alcaligenes sp, Enterobacter sp. and Flavobacterium sp. Two parameters were tested evaluating the biodegradative abilities of individual isolates to degrade bunker sludge and the effect of chicken manure as added source of nitrates and phosphates. Results revealed no significant difference between pure and mixed cultures in ability to degrade.

Microorganisms can be complimentary or competitive. Adding chicken manure resulted is a decreased ability to degrade bunker sludge. However, addition of chicken manure resulted in the highest biodegradation rate. This result can be attributed to exponential growth of microorganisms due to augmentation of necessary metabolites leading to cooperative catabolism of bunker sludge.