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A Proposed 5-Year Strategic Plan for the Arellano University- College of Nursing SY 2012-2017

Emilie M. Lopez | Armel B. Gonzalez

Discipline: Nursing



With the downtrend enrollment in nursing, increasing unemployment and retrogression issues abroad, the study aims to describe Arellano University in terms of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as the basis in the formulation of the 5-year strategic plan. The research framework is anchored on Daniel L. Stufflebeam’s Model of Context, Input, Process and Product which provided a systematic way of stakeholder’s viewing for educational evaluation. A descriptive research design using convenience sampling was utilized in the study with College of Nursing Administrators and faculty members as the main respondents. Based on the findings, the environmental scan yielded variables that contributed to the success of AU. Correspondingly, the school’s response got very satisfactory rating; however, identified gaps based on the identified factors as perceived by the respondents were not adequately addressed. In this light, the researchers designed a 5-year strategic plan customized to further enhance the capabilities of the organization.