HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary Medicinevol. 41 no. 1 (2004)

Body Weight Estimation in Triple Cross Pigs (Large White – Landrace - Duroc) Using External Body Measurements

Mary Cris Karen M. Murillo | Conrado A. Valdez

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine



Three hundred (300) triple cross pigs composed of 164 males and 136 females of different age groups were weighed and then six body measurements were taken namely heart girth midriff girth, flank girth, body length height at withers and height at rump. The values were subjected to statistical analyses to determine the relationships that exist between the body parameters mentioned and the actual body weight and to develop a new predicting formula for weight estimation. Data analysis revealed a strong positive linear relationship between the body parameters measured and body weight and the results of the study showed that body length appeared to be the best predicting parameter for estimating body weight in most age groups and in both sexes. The best predicting equation for the whole population when two external parameters were considered, regardless of sex and age, consisted of body length and heart girth. The results from the equations derived in his study did not significantly differ from the actual body weight therefore they can be used to estimate the weight of triple cross pigs in the absence of a suitable weighing scale.