HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary Medicinevol. 41 no. 2 (2004)

Occurrence of Lynxacarus radovskyi (Tenorio 1974) in Cats in Batong Malake, Los Bańos, Laguna

Gerhard C. Moya | Maria Teresa B. Bisa | Mae Grace Doreen C. Patricio

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine



Lynxacarus radovskyi (Tenorio 1974) is a mite that reportedly causes dermatologic lesions in cats and humans. This descriptive study was done to determine its occurrence in cats in Batong Malake, Los Bańos, Laguna. The study also aimed to determine the occurrence of infestation in the following groups: cats less than two years old and those 2 years old and above; males and females; and pregnant and non-pregnant females. The mites were identified based on the descriptions of Tenorio (1974). Results showed that 58.9% out of the 112 cats selected by systematic random sampling from the 8 zones (purok) of Batong Malake harbored the parasite. Occurrence was as follows: 58.0% of 69 cats less than two years old; 60.5% of 43 cats two years and older; 63.2% of 87 females and 44.0% of 25 males; 66.7% of the 15 pregnant cats and 62.5% of the 72 non-pregnant cats. Nu age or sex predilection as well as a preference for pregnant cats was observed. The mites were recovered from all the 8 zones. These results showed that L. radovskyi is a common and widespread parasite of cats in Batong Malake. Pregnant cats were also found to harbor more parasites as depicted by the more conspicuous salt and pepper appearance of the fur. The authors surmised that this might be due to immunosuppression associated with pregnancy.