HomeThe Magusvol. 5 no. 1 (2014)


Rose R. Dedace | Eduardo O. Dela Cruz Jr. | Editha A. Lupdag-padama | Peter G. Romerosa | Archieval Rodriguez

Discipline: Education



A number of teacher variables are imperative in teaching effectiveness. Prominent among these variables is the teacher’s conceptions of teaching and learning. In Teacher Education Institutions (TEI’s) where students are trained to become future teachers, the influence of these conceptions on the impact of teaching and learning is a major issue. In addition, two major conceptions of teaching, the constructivist and conventional has been the focus of much discussion nowadays. Likewise, motivational orientations and the use of learning strategies are also crucial elements in students’ performance. These concerns provided the impetus for this study. The quantitative-descriptive-correlational design using standardized tools were used to gather data needed for the study. Focus group interview and observations were also employed for more in-depth discussion. Results indicated that a majority of the education students have constructivist views of teaching and learning. On motivational orientation, they are both internally and externally goal oriented, while rehearsal, organization and elaboration are the learning strategies mostly utilized by the respondents. Finally, motivational orientations of the education students showed a significant relationship with their learning strategies.