HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary Medicinevol. 43 no. 1 (2006)

Comparative Evaluation of the Growth Performance of Japanese Quails (Coturnix coturnix) Fed with Wheat, Sorghum, and Corn Based Diets

Relet O. Gano | Carmencita D. Mateo | Jezie A. Acorda, Dvm, Magr, Phd

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine



A total of 360 straight run, locally grown Japanese quails were used to comparatively evaluate wheat, sorghum and their combination diet with corn, in terms of their body weight gain, feed conversion ratio, livability rate and feed cost per kilogram gain. Results showed no significant difference in terms of feed consumption and livability rate in sorghum, wheat and corn diets. However, there was a significant difference (p<0.05) among the diets in terms of weight gain, feed consumption and feed cost per kilogram gain. Birds fed with corn alone or in combination had higher body weight gain and better feed conversion rate which shows the superiority of yellow corn over sorghum and wheat grain, and that it is much cheaper to use.