HomeIAMURE International Journal of Business and Managementvol. 3 no. 1 (2012)

Developing Effective Listening Skills to Enhance Professional Efficiency

Manas Moulic



For years, we have been neglecting the most important language skills – Listening. It is mostly believed that one can automatically acquire this language skill without any special training. However, effective listening skills cannot be inherited and need to be practiced. A poor listening skill of an individual is a barrier to communication especially in any kind of work place, because in an organization, every managerial work goes through bottleneck of communication. Therefore, from an organizational prospective an efficient and active listening by an individual always contributes towards the success of his/her professional life. The primary objective of this paper is to focus on ways that a professional may choose to follow to develop effective listening skills and enhance his/her professional efficiency. The work is a result of meticulous personal appraisal of all the faculty members and office staff of Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Kolkata. With effective listening, almost all the faculty members and office staff could understand the message better, become more accountable and productive, and promote positive working relationships.