HomeIAMURE International Journal of Business and Managementvol. 10 no. 1 (2015)

Economic Potential of Raising Philippine Native Pigs on Trichanthera (Trichanthera Gigantea) Diets

Virgie N. Callo-etis

Discipline: Business, Management



The Philippine Native Pig maintains its niche in the demand for a Filipino delicacy called “Lechon” because of taste and crunchiness. However, commercializing native pigs is constrained by the high cost of feeds. So, these studies were conducted to determine the economic potential of raising native pigs on Trichanthera diets. Results showed that native pigs can be grown with better feed efficiency and lower the feed cost per kilogram weight gain using Trichanthera to replace up to 30% of the commercial rations (Study1). With formulated rations in gabi diets, Trichanthera can be used up to 45% of the diets for economical weight gains (Study 2). Feeding Trichanthera in gabi-corn diets (Study 3) did not significantly affect weight gains up to 45% level in the diets. The feed efficiency was improved and reduced the feed cost per kilogram weight gain up to 30% Trichanthera in the diets. The potential profit based on weight gains less feed cost is consistently increasing (15%, 30%, and 49%) with the increasing level of Trichanthera in the diets. Therefore, raising native pigs on Trichanthera diets is potentially viable both bio-physically and economically.