HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary Medicinevol. 50 no. 1 (2013)

Intussusception in Two Puppies with Intestinal Lymphangiectasia

Carlos A. Rodríguez-alarcón | Diana M. Beristain-ruiz | Ubicelio Martín | Ramon Rivera | Mirna I. Ríos | Laura A. Molinar | Mateo Itzá

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine



Two female puppies - a two-month-old female Golden Retriever (Case 1) and a three-monthold German Shepherd (Case 2) - with concomitant conditions of intussusception and intestinal lymphangiectasia (IL) are presented. Both puppies had acute gastroenteritis and evidence of intussusceptions as revealed by ultrasonography. In Case 1, intestinal resection/anastomosis and intestinal biopsies were performed. After being diagnosed with IL and intussusception, she was returned home under immunomodulatory doses of prednisone and a low-fat diet. To date (3 years since surgery) the patient has shown no recurrence of diarrhea. Case 2 had a spontaneous reduction of intussusception. Intestinal and mesenteric lymph node biopsies were performed. She also showed lipogranulomatous lymphangitis and developed intussusception six days after. Prednisone was administered but the patient did not respond to it and therefore was changed to azathioprine. Although the patient in Case 2 had intussusception, the owner opted for euthanasia due to the possibility of the dog developing short bowel syndrome. The simultaneous occurrence of these two conditions is uncommon in veterinary medicine. Although there is insufficient evidence to demonstrate that IL causes intussusception, we believe that it can also be considered a possible cause of this pathologic condition.