HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary Medicinevol. 51 no. 2 (2014)

Rallicola Johnston and Harrison 1911 and Eulaemobothrion Ewing 1929 Species (Mallophaga) Found on Some Philippine Rallidae (Aves: Gruiformes) with Description of a New Species

Salcedo L. Eduardo

Discipline: Parasitology




Five species of the avian family Rallidae namely: Amaurornis phoenicurus javanicus, Gallicrex cinerea, Gallinula chloropus lozanoi, Gallirallus p. philippensis and Gallirallus t. torquatus were examined for lice at irregular intervals between the periods January 2010 to September 2012. Lice were fixed and stored in 70% ethanol, cleaned in 5% potassium hydroxide solution, dehydrated in increasing grades of ethanol, cleared in terpineol and mounted in Canada balsam. Representative specimens were stained with carbol-fuchsin in absolute ethanol. Four species, two of the genus Rallicola and two of the genus Eulaemobothrion, including a new species, were identified namely: Rallicola minutus and R. philippensis, Eulaemobothrion atrum and E. deocampoae n.sp. Eulaemobothrion deocampoae is described and illustrated as a new species and differentiated from closely related species of the genus Eulaemobothrion. Rallicola minutus occurred on all birds examined and Eulaemobothrion deocampoae n.sp. on G. p. philippensis and G. t. torquatus. The occurrence of R. minutus on G. p. philippensis and G. t. torquatus and R. philippensis on A. phoenicurus javanicus constitutes new hosts records for the two louse species. The species of Rallicola and Eulaemobothrion so far recorded from Philippine Rallidae are summarized in a table provided.